Brian Rezac


Senior Consultant (Fresno)

I am excited to share the many benefits of going solar with SunPower® by Quality Home Services. I am a Clovis native, Alumni of UC Irvine and a former NCAA athlete. Interestingly, my road to the solar industry started early - my stepfather has had solar since 1979! I have long known and heard of the advantages of solar from him. The financial, environmental, and energy independence are just a few. Solar provides a solution to the rising costs of electricity and the opportunity to switch to a better way of buying electricity. My family and I enjoy the benefits of solar on our home, and I have helped many other people make the switch to not just solar, but SUNPOWER solar, the world’s most powerful and efficient panels. I look forward to helping your family too

Whenever there is a huge spill of solar energy, it’s just called a nice day.” Call us today at (800) 496-3074. We look forward to helping you will all your solar and battery needs.