SunVault Storage For Fresno & Bakersfield Solar Customers

Enjoy Peace of Mind, Reduce Peak-Time Charges, and Control Your Energy Usage with Ease

SunVault by SunPower’s battery back-up system can help ease the pain and fear of losing power, as well as adding the security of knowing that you can rely on your own energy generation and storage network. With SunVault, you can reduce your reliance on the utility grid during the times of day when rates are at their peak and can prevent the loss of power at night, on low-sunlight days, or during an electrical outage.

Why Is Battery Storage So Essential?

Most people think that if you have solar, you aren’t relying on the utility company. The truth is, if you have a grid-tied system, even with solar panels you are still tied to the utility company to access the solar power you store with them.

This is where a battery backup becomes a necessity. When you can generate your own power, then store your own power in a back-up battery, that energy does not need to be stored on or supplemented by the grid - you own the power you store and can access it as needed. You will still have access to grid power, but you will be in more control and have more options on how to manage your own energy production. This is especially true with SunVault’s smart technology integration, which allows you to control energy usage from your mobile device. With energy produced and controlled entirely by your home solar system, you’ll potentially save even more money than you would with solar panels alone, and you’ll have access to backup power from energy stored for later use during peak hours.

  • Reduces Peak-Time Charges.
  • Designed, Installed and Warranted by one company.
  • Monitor your solar energy production.
  • Completes home solar solution.

Contact us online or call to learn more about our Sunvault energy storage systems in the Fresno & Bakersfield areas today!

How SunVault Works

As your SunPower solar panels produce energy for your home to use, they funnel any unused power into the SunVault battery instead of back into the electrical grid. Using intelligent software, SunVault will monitor your home’s energy usage and utility costs to determine what power source to use at what time to get you the most reliable power at the lowest cost. This maximizes your use of clean, renewable solar energy while helping you avoid peak-time charges that raise your utility bills. SunVault can also act as an automatic backup for all of your essential appliances in the event of a sudden power outage. This feature will seamlessly keep lights, refrigerators, and other fixtures powered without any input from you and can be customized to power the utilities that are most essential to your life.

SunVault Can Offer You:

- Direct control of your solar energy usage through Wi-Fi connectivity and intuitive software

- A backup source of power that kicks in automatically when your usual power source fails or runs out

- The ability to store days’ worth of energy in a compact space

- More independence from traditional electricity

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Five-Star Reviews

What Our Clients Are Saying

As a highly recognized SunPower® Master Dealer, SunPower® by Quality Home Services has a proven track record of providing the best value on solar and battery storage packages. See what our customers have to say about us.
We had additional SunPower solar panels installed on our home ahead of the policy change to NEM 3. Our sales rep was extremely helpful to ensure our panels would be under the NEM 2 policy. All of the QHS staff - our sales rep, office staff, installation team - were extremely professional and responsive throughout the entire process. We will continue to have all solar-related needs (maintenance, service, etc.) done through QHS. Highly recommend!

Laura J.

Tampa, FL

Absolutely love my solar panel‘s. Sales person was professional and responsive and very knowledgeable. In the passed I have had a bad experiences with my previous house with solar company. Sunpower is on top of there game. Great sales rep and a clean good job they did on my house. Highly recommend them. LOVE MY SOLAR PANELS!

Jorge R.

Tampa, FL

SunPower by Quality Home Services installed solar for us in Feb 21. We are very satisfied customers. Our sales representative Brian was easy to reach and answered all our questions. Installation took 1 day, and the team was great. We had a minor issue with a roof leak after the install, but a repair crew came out the very same day and fixed it. They also told us the interior cosmetic damage would be repaired at no cost to us, but as soon as everything dried up there was no visible damage inside. We were grateful for the rapid response, and we have had no additional issues. Our solar is performing above expectations and we couldn't be happier.

Mindy M.

Tampa, FL