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Everything about SunPower by QHS was First Class. From the informational and educational sales presentation to the order processing to the installation and final connection to PG&E. All SunPower by QHS employees were very informative and professional. This reinforced my decision to choose them as my “go to” solar system provider. The SUNPOWER panels and other equipment in the system not only perform extremely well, but also look good on the roof and do not detract from the looks of my home, as do many others that I have seen. Hats off to the entire staff at Quality Home Services for their dedication and expertise. This company deserves Five Gold Stars!!!

- Tom

Fresno, CA

I wanted a ground mount solar system for my home so that I would not have panels on my roof. SunPower by QHS did a great job of listening to my wants and needs and designed the system I wanted and worked with me to make it a reality. I am extremely happy with the products and how they were installed and my PG&E bill is lower than my sales rep said it would be! I went from an average bill of $450.00 to $11.00 PG&E bill!!! Thank you SunPower by QHS!!

- Mark

Clovis, CA

My son referred SunPower by QHS to me, and I’m so glad that he did! The solar consultant who visited me was professional and did not pressure me, and the installation crew did a good job putting the panels on my roof. I’m happy with the entire process, and plan to recommend SunPower by QHS in the future.

- Jackie

Fresno, CA

We LOVE our Sunpower solar system … it’s saving us a tremendous amount in electrical bills, which leaves us with more play money! SunPower by QHS was fantastic to work with–they bent over backwards to make sure that everything worked correctly and that we were happy at the end of the process.

- Paul & Patsy

Fresno, CA

I’m very pleased with the level of customer service that SunPower by QHS provided me with before, during and after the installation of my solar system. I’d happily recommend them to others–in fact, I even recommended them to my mom, who chose them for her solar system.

- Craig

Bakersfield, CA

From the sales, to designing and installing the system, we could not be happier with our decision to go with SunPower by QHS. The panels look great and are producing lots of power for us. We monitor the systems production online and love the information about reducing our carbon footprint…. not to mention having no PG&E bill! Thank You SunPower by QHS.

- Michelle

Fresno, CA

SunPower by QHS installed 18 SPR 225s on my home. Not only am I very happy with the production of my system, but I am pleased with the level of customer service exhibited by the salesman, installers and office staff.

- Ronaldo

Fresno, CA

My husband works for Quality Home Services. We really wanted to get a SunPower solar system for our home. I didn't like the idea of placing the solar panels on the front our house for aesthetics reasons. We were able to have the solar panels installed on the side of our house which were not as noticeable. The installation crew from Quality Home Services were really quick and they didn't leave any trash in the yard. They even repaired a sprinkler head they accidentally broke during the installation. I think it took them less than a day to get the system installed. I really appreciate the low payment and that it will stay the same for 20 years. For under a hundred dollars a month we will power our whole house.

- Paula L.

I spent 2 years researching solar power for my home and interviewed people from 12 different companies before I happened upon SunPower. SunPower is hands down an outstanding company! Joshua Price was our sales representative. He was thorough, clear and extremely knowledgeable. He gave my family and me a great education about the product and spoke in terms that we could easily understand. He answered all of our questions. He was so professional yet warm and down to earth. No pressure, just information. The installation team was fabulous; professional, accommodating, courteous. Chris was in charge of the installation team. He was very approachable, paid close attention to detail and completely explained the process as it evolved. The entire Sunpower team has been available to us throughout this process, from sales to design/engineering, electricians, and installation. Anyone can see that this team loves what they do through the service and support that they go out of their way to provide. We couldn't be more pleased.

- Claudia C.

This is a true story. I certainly hope you read it during your solar decision making process. Here are the salient facts: 1. I chose SunPower after 6 months research. Since there are several SunPower installers in this area, I was just lucky to have chosen QHS first. 2. Brooke Hamilton, our solar consultant, is just that, a consultant. He gave us excellent information. When he used the SunPower tool to configure the system to bring our electric cost to $0, I was impressed. 3. I let Brooke know I wanted no conduit or junction boxes visible anywhere on the roof. Please take a look at solar installations around town carefully. You'll see many with conduit and/or junction boxes showing - very unattractive. 4. The QHS designer came to house, discovered the firewall in the very very tight attic; but completed a design that does exactly what I wanted. 5. On the day of installation, 2 complete crews showed up. The designer was here too! The 53 panels were installed beautifully. 6. However, solar installation is only half the battle. To turn on a solar installation, a PTO (Permission to Operate) must be received from PG&E. Here is where QHS shines. PG&E began notifying installers the 30 business day commitment to provide a PTO was no longer being honored because of a huge backlog of requests. 7. And now for the hero of the story. Adam from QHS stayed right with me through the entire trying process. QHS contacted PG&E multiple times. I contacted the Ombudsman, and reviewed Rule 21, section D. 13. The result? I received my PTO last week, just a few days after it was due. I cannot say enough about Adam. To say he is willing to help, always pleasant and willing to go the extra mile is an understatement. When I received the PTO late in the day, I called Adam to walk me through turning on the system. I just could not open one of the boxes. Adam, bless him, came to the house after hours to do it for me. That's the end of the story. I hope you'll talk with QHS. You will not be disappointed.

- Kathleen D.

I met with multiple vendors over the course of 2 and a half years. The first didn't want to understand my needs, but they did want to sell me a predetermined package. The second focused mainly on how the system would look on my roof. (I have a two story house... I'm not going to see it all that well. Oh, and, they designed it for a house other than mine.) Finally, I found Josh with SunPower; just when I was getting frustrated and not wanting to deal with it anymore. We talked about the system a little, but more from a standpoint of how many panels we could fit and how that would help with our energy demand. I shared that we were thinking about adding a plug-in hybrid car and he helped me understand what that would mean and how the system design could be changed to accommodate. When I wanted to know about the differences between leases and purchases, he helped me understand... in easy terms. I was so pleased that I've referred multiple friends his way; I know he will be able to answer the questions and help them find the right solution.

- Brian H.

My family has been very happy with the solar panel install service provided by SunPower. They worked diligently and even doubled up their crews to beat the weather. Everyone was considerate and always on time and ready to go. After an incredibly quick installation, Vanessa Calderon came by and thoroughly went through our warranty, how to optimize, and how to monitor our usage. Thank you again for an overall exceptional experience.

- Adrianna M.

We have a bigger house and our bill started getting outrageous these past few years. Your whole guys crew was very respectful , treated the property nice and even were nice to our dogs (when they weren’t supposed to be out hah). Vanessa is very nice and full of charm ! She helped explain how our system works and made it easy. Would 100% recommend to anybody! Oh and thank you guys for the toffee butter almonds! SO GOOD.

- Matt M.

My Husband and I were so happy we went with Quality Homes for our solar system. Josh our sales rep and our installer Jake and his crew were AWESOME! We have had our system for almost a year now and it is performing better than we anticipated. This was a big decision for our family and Josh patiently walked us thru the process. I felt very valued as a customer and would recommend Josh and Quality Homes to anybody who wants a “quality” system and a “quality’ job done right.

- Danielle B.

I wanted to say you can judge a company by what they do if there is a problem. During my solar installation we had a serious problem, and this company responded perfectly to the situation. Prompt, courteous, and successfully found a solution. I am VERY pleased with my solar system they installed, and will highly recommend using this company for your home solar needs. Also, their sales man, Denny, was truly helpful with my questions. NO high pressure sales, just calm helpful explanations and advice on your solar needs. Give them a call, you will be very pleased with the results.

- Joe W.

From second one, SunPower by Quality Home Services has been amazing! I met with several different solar companies and did months' worth of research! There was not a company that could compare to SunPower. I found it very hard to believe that they were going to be able to follow through on everything that I was told, but as the process started everything rolled out exactly as I was told it would. Start to finish. And they are still continuing to be amazing! When Vanessa showed up at my door to show me the ins and outs of my system and how to use the online monitoring, she also arrived with a gift box from Enzo's table! Bonus! That's not even to mention that I immediately referred friends and just as promised a referral check was delivered to my door! The family that I referred also had an amazing experience and their solar was up in no time at all! Every person that I have dealt with at SunPower from the knowledgeable salesperson, to the installers, to Vanessa who followed up with me, has been amazing... kind, reliable, professional and people of their word! I will shout SunPower praises from the rooftops! My panels are producing more than I expected and my family is saving money! We could not be happier! Thank you to everyone at SunPower by Quality Home Services for taking pride in the job that you do!

- Michelle A.

We have had a different Solar Co before we moved. We met with Brian our sales rep and he was so genuine and forth coming we new from our previous experience that SunPower was by far an outstanding Solar provider. Their customer service is what all customer service companies could learn from. We would recommend to anyone looking for Solar SunPower by Quality Home Services is the only one to choose. To make the experience even better they follow up with Vanessa after everything is up and running she comes out an makes sure you know everything about how their service works. Thank you for being such an awesome customer service oriented company.

- Kathy

Vanessa, like the rest of the staff we have encountered was professional, friendly and helpful. Customer service from Sun Power has been superior to many of the companies we have done business with. Thank you for providing a quality system with superior service.

- Ron D.

Great company to work with! Sales rep Josh was knowledgeable in explaining the system and the process. Office staff Cindy kept us informed of status of all the pre-install steps. The installation team led by Brandon was knowledgeable, on time, worked as a team, and left everything clean and orderly when the job was finished. Could not have been better!!!

- Barbara P.

First it’s really nice to deal with a local company which has a vested interest in our community. We installed a SunPower solar system from QHS and we’re very pleased with sales to install. Low pressure, friendly and did what they promised in a timely fashion. Josh thoroughly explained their product and company in a relaxed low key manner, leaving us on our own to decide if solar was right for us. We appreciated the sales approach. Having done some homework, the SunPower equipment is some of the best in the industry. I’m thinking that their reputation here locally hinges on who they contract with for installation, so it speaks volumes about QHS and their team. Brandon, Luis, Larry, and David made the install smooth and easy, even with a more complex reverse tilt. On time, cleaned up each day and had the system ready to go in two days. A clean look as well with only the panels showing without unsightly conduit running across the roof. We cannot recommend them enough.

- Marcus Z.

Waited a year t state my opinion of the solar installation we received from SunPower by Quality Home Service. Glad I did. The system has performed flawlessly since going online. The electrical panel was necessarily replaced at the time of installation. Recently a circuit went down, and it "appeared" one of the breakers had failed. I could not find a replacement. I called my contact late on a Saturday and they sent out their top tech, Greg. Greg showed up, right on time early ON SUNDAY MORNING. He located the problem that had nothing to do with the solar or panel installation. He repaired it anyway. Never a word about, " Your problem, not ours". Very, very happy with the above and beyond support.

- David K.

We would highly recommend SunPower thru Quality Home Services to anyone wanting to install a Solar System. From start to finish everything was done very professionally by at least 5 different people. We signed the contract for SunPower with Toby L,. the representative who came to talk to us. He explained in detail the workings of solar. Chris, the crew leader, who was in charge of all of the installation, we have nothing but praise for his knowledge and ability to answer our questions. Chris F. was on time each day, explained every step of the process of install, took pride in his work and had his crew working well together. Chris went above and beyond to do even the smallest thing to make the job perfect for us. Chris even called the county to have them come out for their inspection, While waiting for him to arrive Chris replaced broken tiles that were already present and even painted all the electrical lines on the outside of the house. Had his crew clean all areas of the project. We were very pleased with the whole process. Told us to call him if we needed any further assistance.

- Dave and Carolyn R.

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