Battery Storage Systems

Introducing the Tesla Powerwall 3

Explore the Power of Tesla Powerwall 3 with unmatched energy independence, featuring an integrated inverter for seamless solar energy capture and storage. This advanced battery system, designed for effortless battery expansion and whole-home backup, ensures your home remains powered in any situation. With its durable design, reliable performance, and EV integration, the Powerwall 3 offers enhanced outage protection and significant energy savings. Empower your home with automated storage management and real-time energy monitoring for a smarter, greener future.

High-Performance Solar Battery Storage Systems for Homes in the Fresno and Bakersfield Areas

Solar batteries are transforming the landscape of renewable energy, empowering homeowners to take full control of their solar-generated power. These sophisticated battery storage systems not only store excess solar energy but also provide a reliable power source during nighttime, cloudy days or utility outages. With the added benefit of reducing dependence on fluctuating utility grids, they offer significant cost savings in the long run. At SunPower® by Quality Home Services, we leverage our decades of experience to seamlessly integrate the industry’s best-performing battery storage systems into our customer’s solar panel systems and maximize their return on investment in solar.

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Get power when you need it most with a home battery storage system. The clock is ticking on this local utility company rebate! Time is money, and we’ve got savings waiting for you! Contact us now to see if you qualify.

SunPower® SunVault™ Storage System

The SunPower® SunVault™ Storage System offers homeowners a cutting-edge solution in solar battery technology. Designed for optimal energy retention and easy integration, SunVault™ ensures consistent power usage, reducing reliance on the grid and offering peace of mind during outages. This solar battery offers direct control of your solar energy usage through intuitive software and the ability to store up to three days of energy in a compact space.

Complete Solar and Battery Storage Packages

Solar Panels

Harness the sun's power with SunPower® by Quality Home Services' top-tier residential solar panels. Serving Fresno and Bakersfield, we deliver panels with industry-leading efficiency, backed by a 25-year product warranty, and installed by a recognized SunPower® Master Dealer. Experience significant savings on energy costs and a reduced carbon footprint with our premium solar solutions.

Battery Storage Systems

Maximize your energy independence with SunPower® by Quality Home Services' advanced battery storage options, particularly the SunPower® SunVault™ Storage System. Store excess energy for peak times, reduce reliance on the grid and enjoy seamless power during outages. Elevate your solar experience with our innovative storage solutions.

Why Choose Us for Solar Battery Installation?

To make the most of your investment in a solar battery, trust the experts at SunPower® by Quality Home Services. As the gold standard, we bring a combination of in-depth expertise, top-tier products and an unwavering commitment to serving our clients. Our meticulous approach to solar battery integration is designed to minimize hassles and maximize benefits for homeowners. With a proven track record and a legacy of excellence dating back to 1985, SunPower® by Quality Home Services is the trusted name in solar battery solutions.

Five-Star Reviews

What Our Clients Are Saying

As a highly recognized SunPower® Master Dealer, SunPower® by Quality Home Services has a proven track record of providing the best value on solar and battery storage packages. See what our customers have to say about us.
We had additional SunPower solar panels installed on our home ahead of the policy change to NEM 3. Our sales rep was extremely helpful to ensure our panels would be under the NEM 2 policy. All of the QHS staff - our sales rep, office staff, installation team - were extremely professional and responsive throughout the entire process. We will continue to have all solar-related needs (maintenance, service, etc.) done through QHS. Highly recommend!

Laura J.

Tampa, FL

Absolutely love my solar panel‘s. Sales person was professional and responsive and very knowledgeable. In the passed I have had a bad experiences with my previous house with solar company. Sunpower is on top of there game. Great sales rep and a clean good job they did on my house. Highly recommend them. LOVE MY SOLAR PANELS!

Jorge R.

Tampa, FL

SunPower by Quality Home Services installed solar for us in Feb 21. We are very satisfied customers. Our sales representative Brian was easy to reach and answered all our questions. Installation took 1 day, and the team was great. We had a minor issue with a roof leak after the install, but a repair crew came out the very same day and fixed it. They also told us the interior cosmetic damage would be repaired at no cost to us, but as soon as everything dried up there was no visible damage inside. We were grateful for the rapid response, and we have had no additional issues. Our solar is performing above expectations and we couldn't be happier.

Mindy M.

Tampa, FL

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