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Financial Benefits of Installing Solar Panels in Fresno or Bakersfield

Saving the Environment Can Save Money Too

Fresno has an abundance of sunny days, which mean hot summers can make standard electricity very expensive. At SunPower® by Quality Home Services, we are passionate about saving our customers money while helping to protect the environment at the same time! We are committed to helping individuals and families significantly reduce their cost of electricity through the use of our high quality and professionally installed solar panels.

  • Fresno solar panels are financially beneficial because they:
  • Can significantly raise the value of your home if you decide to sell someday
  • Protect you from rising energy rates here in California
  • Are incentivized by the state and federal government with several tax breaks and rebates

Seamless Solar Panel Sales & Installation Process

With short-term savings and a long-term return on investment, our experienced Fresno and Bakersfield solar panel specialists can help you and your family create the budget you need to install solar panels on your home. Saving you money is our goal, and we recommend products to our customers based on what is right for their preferences and their budget.

  • When we meet with a potential customer to discuss solar panels, we:
  • Offer a free estimate for every product that we sell and install
  • Educate our clients on the installation process and what to expect at each step of the process
  • Never pressure the customer into making any kind of commitment

We love our solar panels and the benefits they bring, and we love educating our customers and the community on the many financial and environmental benefits that our solar panels have to offer.

Cut Down Energy Costs in Your Office Building

You may not realize, but the cost of heating, lighting, and cooling make up about 71 percent of all total energy use in an office building monthly. In an office filled with computers, it might seem hard to believe they do not consume most of the energy. This news is a good thing because it means they are ways you can cut down the cost of power consumption.

  • Dim hallway lights during the day: If your hallways are lined with windows, dim the hallway lights by at least 25 percent. Work is not being performed in the hall, and you can use the light from the sun to light the path.
  • Start an energy-saving campaign around the office: Send out an email to your employees about shutting off all lights not in use at the end of the day.
  • Install motion sensors: Another way to save energy is to install motion sensors, this way office lights will automatically turn off when not in use.
  • Turn down HVAC after business hours: When it is cold outside, turn up the temperature after hours of operation, so the building will not run the heater if people are gone. Turn down the temperature during warm seasons so the air conditioning will not run after hours.
  • Replace air filters quarterly: When your air filters are dirty, not only does it allow for unwanted particles, pollen, and other allergens to flow through your environment, it also makes your HVAC work harder and use more energy.
  • Consider going solar: Once you have completed the above steps you may be interested in how you can save more money on your office energy bill. Installing solar panels can save you thousands of dollars annually on your electric bill.
  • Save more money on your energy bills by switching to solar: If you looking to save more money on your office energy costs, the financial and environmental benefits of going solar are many. Both state and federal government offer several tax breaks to homeowners and building owners who choose to go solar.

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