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We all love the benefits the sun provides to enlighten and brighten up our lives. It provides warmth and the ever more important and essential, vitamin D. It helps us remain hopeful each day as it is guaranteed to rise and shine.

The Sun: A Commodity Providing More Affordable Energy

Now, let’s think about the benefits it has for producing clean and affordable energy. First of all, it generates enough energy in one hour than the world uses in an entire year.

The sun is a commodity like any other energy source, and no one can own the sun but you can own a portion of the energy it provides to power your home. The best part is that solar energy is the least expensive way to generate power, and it is more affordable than ever before. This is why some many commercial buildings and ag related businesses here locally are tapping into solar energy and in return are increasing their bottom line.

Solar energy is an abundant and constant resource that can be used by anyone who chooses to tap into its power. Once a system is installed and a homeowner owns it, the energy produced is free and clear. There are options available such as leasing a system where there is generally no upfront investment like owning one; this option allows homeowners to benefit from the lower cost energy a system produces without having to purchase and own it.

The Solar Energy Sector is Growing into a Stable Leader in Providing Jobs

Because solar energy is abundant and becoming more mainstream, it is proving to be a reliable source of affordable energy. It is being seen as the fuel of the future and therefore is becoming a household topic. Because this sector is growing and is providing clean and renewable energy for the future, so are the jobs that are associated with the industry.

In the U.S., the solar job market has increased 167% in the past decade. Because the sun shines so much in our area, the amount of solar being installed is providing a stable and fast-growing industry to be employed.

Combine Solar with a Back up Battery to Enhance Your Energy Production Plan

With back up battery solutions combined with solar energy production and storage, renewable energy is enhancing how people manage and use their energy. This is creating a new sense of energy independence and proving that people want their fair share of the sun’s power.

Most people think that if you have solar, you aren’t relying on the utility company. The truth is, if you have a grid-tied system, even with solar panels you are still tied to the utility company to access the solar power you store with them.

This is where a battery backup becomes a necessity. When you can generate your own power, then store your own power in a back-up battery, that energy does not need to be stored on or supplemented by the grid - you own the power you store and can access it as needed. You will still have access to grid power, but you will be in more control and have more options on how to manage your own energy production.

Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

Great news! The Federal Investment Tax Credit has been extended through December 31, 2022; allowing homeowners the continued benefit of getting a 26% tax credit on their solar home investment. This tax credit allows ensures the growth of the solar industry; creating jobs and investing billions of dollars into the economy.

Now is the Time to Invest in Your Own Energy Plant on Your Home.

The abundance and power of the sun have proven to be beneficial for businesses and homeowners and the government is allowing affordable ways to adopt solar energy, taking advantage of the sun’s energy as a commodity. If you haven’t looked into or invested in solar energy for your home, you should consider the benefits, to include making your home more valuable should you choose to sell. Contact us so we can help you start saving with solar, all you need to do is qualify. Our solar consultants help you to understand your qualifications, electrical usage and needs, then determine a customized solution to lower your energy bill for your home and family. This allows homeowners to free up some extra budget money to use on other more important things.

Call SunPower by Quality Home Services today at (800) 496-3074 or contact us online to learn more about the benefits of utilizing the sun as an energy resource.

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