Reducing Reliance On High Priced Utilities

With the many uncertainties we are facing; solar, plus a battery back-up option can help ease the pain and fear of losing power, as well as adding security of knowing that you can rely on your own energy generation and storage network. This type of set up can reduce your reliance on the utility grid during the times of day when rates are at their peak and/or can prevent you from losing power during an electrical outage.

Many people think that if you have solar, you aren’t relying on the utility company; the truth is, if you have a grid tied system, even with solar you are still tied to the utility company to access the solar power you store with them.

This is where a battery backup becomes a necessity. You see, when you can generate your own power, then store your own power in a back-up battery, that energy does not get stored on the grid; you own the power you store and can access it as needed. You will still have access to grid power, but you will be in more control and have more options on how to manage your own energy production.

These are the main reasons you should research a back-up battery system; you’ll potentially save even more with solar and you’ll have access to back up power from energy stored for use during peak hours.

How It Works

Solar battery storage solutions allow your panels to store unused energy for later use instead of sending it to the grid. On sunny days, your panels typically produce way more energy that you can use, and once it’s all stored away in a battery system, it can add up fast, leaving you with more than enough power for access later, providing you additional control over powering your home independently. Imagine being able to access essential devices such as medical equipment, refrigeration, air conditioning, electric heating, and lighting during power outages.

24/7 Solar Access

Solar battery storage can help you get through the long winter nights. As most solar users know, solar panels alone can’t power your home at night, which can be especially problematic as the nights get longer and the days get shorter. With battery storage systems, you can use the extra power you didn’t use during the day, at night; allowing you to turn on lights, use appliances, and more without drawing on traditional electricity from the utility grid. These solutions are capable of providing you with clean energy at any time, day or night.

You may also see additional benefits, such as increased bill savings since you are able to be more self-sufficient from creating and storing your own energy from your home, and not having to access the electrical grid as often.

Experience More Savings

Following are some ways you can experience savings with a solar and back-up battery combination.

The alternative energy experts at Tesla have created one of the most effective and advanced battery storage solutions on the market. Tesla PowerWall is an excellent addition to any solar energy system.

Like a traditional, fossil fuel-powered backup generator, Tesla Powerwall kicks in instantly when your solar panels stop providing power, or when blackouts occur. But unlike most generators, Powerwall is completely rechargeable, requires absolutely no maintenance, and makes far less noise.

You may be eligible for incentives through the Self-Generation Incentive Program, if you are in a high fire threat area or subject to PSPS events. Read more about Self-Generation Incentive Program

With battery storage solutions like Sunvault and Tesla PowerWall, you can start storing energy for later use. Click here to learn more!

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