Life Is Electric - Solar is Electricity

If you think about your current lifestyle, it is easy to see it is centered around electricity. Our entire lives are consumed by it. Everything we do centers around it. Our lives are also centered by the sun and the moon. The sun is important because it provides energy in the form of solar power that is converted into electricity. Considering the importance of the sun, it is no surprise that more and more people realize the benefits of solar energy production and battery backup each day. Solar batteries are renewable energy sources used as backups that allow you to store a portion of the renewable energy the sun produces to keep your house operating during power outages.

How Upgrading to Solar Can Improve Your Life

People are beginning to utilize stored energy instead of relying on the outdated and expensive energy grid managed by the BIG utility. A recent wind storm resulted in over 25,000 PG&E customers spending an entire day without power. Our unstable power grid continues to leave us in the dark, and we are forced to find ways to create our own energy. Each year, more Californians are forced into great electrical dependency. The more dependent we are on energy, the more we will need it to live our lives. Everything from our coffeemakers to our garage door openers requires energy. Even our cars are dependent on the electrical grid.

So, think about this: what happens when all the things you need and depend on that require electricity are suddenly interrupted? What is your solution when this happens? One trending solution is to get a solar system with a backup battery. Battery solutions are designed to keep people operational during an outage. Whether it is a lifesaving medical device, staying connected while working from home, or just keeping your food from going bad, having access to backup electricity is vital. The fact is, batteries are going to be a necessity sooner than most people think, so now is the best time to adopt solar for your home. When you pair your solar system with a backup battery, you can have your own power plant with the ability to generate your own energy. Having the ability to save the energy you harnessed from the sun for use at a later time is empowering. Keeping the lights on at night—and food fresh in the fridge—is more than a luxury. Stay prepared with SunVault™ Storage and Tesla Powerwall.

The SunPower By Quality Home Services Difference

SunPower By Quality Home Services is dedicated to our community. We have two locations to serve our customer base better. We are providing solar energy to homes and businesses throughout the area because clean solar energy is a commitment we take seriously.

When customers choose SunPower By Quality Home Services, they can expect:

  • An Industry Leading 25 Year Warranty
  • A Flexible Financing Plan with a $0 Down Option
  • The Best Performing, Most Efficient Panels
  • A Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

We can help you find an affordable way to make the transition to solar energy. When you sit down and review costs, solar is more affordable than ever! Buyers ready to start now can qualify for a 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit with the purchase of a solar power plant. If you don’t already have solar, lock in these lower energy rates today. By choosing a solar solution from us, you can take control of how you purchase and create energy. Contact us for a FREE solar consultation, and we can help you find out how much you can produce and save. It’s now easier than ever to go solar with our Quality Solutions.

For customers ready to make the upgrade to solar energy, call us now at (800) 496-3074to schedule an appointment in Fresno or Bakersfield.

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