Federal Savings Give Homeowners the Opportunity to Win Big this Year

Let’s face it, as Californians we are at an advantage. We live in a state that enjoys and average of 284 days of sunshine per year for residents to harness and use. Now more than ever, solar is becoming a more dependable and more cost-effective way to power the grid as well as individual homes. With the grid in need of infrastructure upgrades, even the utility companies are utilizing solar energy to better serve the needs of their customers. The threat of fire from antiquated infrastructure is causing utility companies to turn to alternative energy sources like solar. There was a recent case in the news about a situation in Central California. A remote area previously devastated by a wildfire now has its own “microgrid” powered by solar and gas to reduce fire risk, emergency shutoffs and grid maintenance expenditures.

Federal Savings Give Homeowners the Opportunity to Win Big this Year

Electric vehicles (EV) are quickly becoming more mainstream, so the dependency on household electricity to power a vehicle means additional power usage and costs for homeowners. However, charging an EV with solar is more economical than depending on the traditional utility supply.This is especially true if the home has SunPower’s highly efficient solar panels. SunPower’s solar panels are more efficient in comparison to conventional panels. With solar power, a home can produce its own energy instead of fully relying on the electrical grid. This can lead to serious savings when budgeting your utility spending.

When power isn’t directly available from the sun, homeowners with a SunPower SunVault™ storage system can use their solar battery to pick up the slack. SunVault utilizes intelligent and intuitive software to provide homeowners with a variety of storage options for excess energy. It can be an invaluable resource for homeowners who need electricity to power up important assets, like electric vehicles.It’s never been a better time to invest in renewable energy solutions like an electric vehicle, solar panels, or back up batteries. When you do, you can take advantage of some incentives available from the federal government. The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is worth 26% of your total solar panel costs. Additionally, thanks to the California net metering rules, you can sell the excess solar energy you produce back to your affiliated local utility company.

The Benefits of Alternative Energy in Fresno and Bakersfield

Homeowners with solar equipment attached to their home have greater freedom and security than residents forced to rely on the unreliability of the central power grid. Not only is solar the more reliable and affordable alternative energy solution it is also better for the environment. Homeowners can become more energy independent by switching to a solar panel system coupled with a battery backup. The ability to store extra energy means maximizing the output of your solar panels. Extra power can be stored for use during peak hours or for those time when there are power outages when the grid is failing or overloaded. Since the utility company views renewable energy production as a valuable supplemental power source for the grid, it’s a smart decision to take advantage of this lucrative means of offsetting your home’s energy needs.

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