Introducing Tesla Powerwall 3

Tesla Powerwall Installation Services in the Fresno & Bakersfield Areas

A Tesla Powerwall is a smart investment that will help you maximize the benefits of the solar panels on your home in the Fresno or Bakersfield, California area. At SunPower® by Quality Home Services, we proudly offer and install the Tesla Powerwall and related products that can help you maximize the benefits you get from your solar panels. If you’re looking for a way to even further maximize your savings on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint, combining one of these systems with your existing solar energy system can achieve all of these goals and more. It can even help you save on energy costs if you own an electric vehicle by capturing more energy that you can then use to charge the batteries that get you to work every day!

Why Choose a Solar Storage System

Your solar panels work by converting sunlight into energy that you can use to power your home. They harvest the most energy during the peak of the day when they get the most sunlight and will harvest less energy in the mornings and evenings. At peak times, when they’re producing more energy than you’re using, this energy gets sent back to the electrical grid through your power company’s net metering system. A Tesla Powerwall offers a battery storage system that can help you store and save the energy from your solar panels so that you can use it as needed. Rather than relying on net metering, you can leverage more of the energy you’re producing yourself to maximize the benefits you get from your solar panels.

Features & Benefits of a Tesla Powerwall

At Quality Home Services, we’re proud to be your source for Tesla Powerwall products and services in the Fresno and Bakersfield, CA, areas. Tesla Powerwall is a customized solar-plus-battery solution that helps you save more of the energy you use so you can take advantage of it when you need it. During the day as the sun shines, your SunPower® solar panel system continues to produce an abundance of clean electricity, which is then stored in the Tesla Powerwall. At night, when your panels stop producing energy, your home then draws electricity from Tesla Powerwall, giving you the ability to live on clean, sustainable energy 24/7.

A Tesla Powerwall is a top choice over many other battery backup systems because it features:

  • A single-unit design that’s compact and fits into the design of nearly every home.
  • A waterproof enclosure that protects your important components from the elements
  • A long-lasting battery pack that is protected by a 10-year warranty
  • A touch-safe enclosure that makes it safe to use around your family, including pets and young children
  • A reliable source of backup power in the event of grid outages when properly configured

Professional Tesla Powerwall Installation Services

SunPower by Quality Home Services is proud to be a certified installer of Tesla Powerwall, and we can bring this revolutionary energy-saving technology into your home. Each Tesla Powerwall unit consists of several important components: a 14 kWh battery, liquid cooling system, integrated inverter, and control software which controls when the battery dispatches power and when it charges. The unit itself mounts on your walls or on the ground, both indoors and out. Multiple units can even be combined together to increase capacity and increase energy savings. When Tesla Powerwall is completely charged, your excess energy is exported to the grid to maximize your savings and economic benefit.

At SunPower® by Quality Home Services, our experienced technicians will help design and configure a Tesla Powerwall that perfectly suits your needs. And, once you’re happy with the design plans, we’ll handle the installation of your Tesla Powerwall with precision and care.

How to Use Your New Tesla Powerwall

Once we’re finished with the Tesla Powerwall installation, we’ll walk you through the features and controls of your new Tesla Powerwall, including the three different operating modes:

  1. The self-powered mode stores power that is produced by your solar panels so you can then consume it later when the sun isn’t shining.
  2. Time-based mode enables those without solar power to take advantage of “time-of-use” electrical rates by charging during inexpensive off-peak hours and then releasing power during the most expensive peak hours of the day to maximize your savings.
  3. Back-up power mode sets up the Tesla Powerwall as a source of emergency energy to provide you with power for your most important devices in the event of a grid outage.

Get Started with Tesla Battery Storage

To learn more about the features and benefits of the Tesla Powerwall or to get started having a Tesla battery storage system installed on your property, contact SunPower® by Quality Home Services today. We proudly serve homeowners in Bakersfield, Fresno, and the surrounding communities of California.

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We had additional SunPower solar panels installed on our home ahead of the policy change to NEM 3. Our sales rep was extremely helpful to ensure our panels would be under the NEM 2 policy. All of the QHS staff - our sales rep, office staff, installation team - were extremely professional and responsive throughout the entire process. We will continue to have all solar-related needs (maintenance, service, etc.) done through QHS. Highly recommend!

Laura J.

Tampa, FL

Absolutely love my solar panel‘s. Sales person was professional and responsive and very knowledgeable. In the passed I have had a bad experiences with my previous house with solar company. Sunpower is on top of there game. Great sales rep and a clean good job they did on my house. Highly recommend them. LOVE MY SOLAR PANELS!

Jorge R.

Tampa, FL

SunPower by Quality Home Services installed solar for us in Feb 21. We are very satisfied customers. Our sales representative Brian was easy to reach and answered all our questions. Installation took 1 day, and the team was great. We had a minor issue with a roof leak after the install, but a repair crew came out the very same day and fixed it. They also told us the interior cosmetic damage would be repaired at no cost to us, but as soon as everything dried up there was no visible damage inside. We were grateful for the rapid response, and we have had no additional issues. Our solar is performing above expectations and we couldn't be happier.

Mindy M.

Tampa, FL