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Installation Milestones

  1. Welcome call and schedule site survey appointment
  2. Send to design verification
  3. Move to plans and engineering
  4. Submit permits to planning department
  5. Schedule installation date
  6. Submit interconnection with utility company
  7. Permission to operate and setup monitoring system


Sunpower Monitoring


  • Q:Congratulations on your choice to install a new SunPower Solar System! Here's an expected timeline for the installation process. 

    A:From signing up for solar to turning on your system, the process usually ranges from 8 to 10 weeks. You will be receiving updates every few weeks about the progress. See the  Installation Milestones above for reference of the updates you will receive from us. 

  • Q:System Installation - Next Steps

    A:Once your system is installed, your local building department has to inspect and approve the install. Next, we submit your final permit and application paperwork to the utility company requesting Permission To Operate (PTO). After PTO is submitted, you will receive acknowledgement emails from the utility company and others requesting an electronic signature. 

  • Q:When can I turn on my system?

    A:After installation, the utility company reviews all the documents and the entire application. Within 30 days, we both receive an email issuing permission to energize the system. We will reach out and walk you through the startup procedure. 

  • Q:How do I monitor my system? 

    A:Setting up monitoring is easy and allows you to view your system online via desktop or mobile device. View the Monitoring Walkthrough information to see the procedure.

  • Q:How do I understand the monitoring site?

    A:Refer to this Guide to Monitoring. It will explain everything you need to know about monitoring.

  • Q:How do I read my utility company bill?

    A:If you are a PG&E customer, Click Here. If you are a SCE, customer Click Here. True up Statement - It’s important to note at the annual anniversary of the start of your participation in the Net Energy Metering (NEM) Program or “Annual True Up,” customers are responsible for any reconciled NEM charges that are due. If you generated more energy than you used over the True Up period, your annual True Up Bill from the utility company will explain your Net Surplus Compensation based on the net energy your solar system generated in comparison to how much energy you consumed each month throughout the year. Your annual True Up bill will show the associated charge or credit based on the data tracked each month. this data will include how much energy your system produced and the net energy use, including time periods where the energy rates fluctuate, known as Time of Use (TOU) if you are on a TOU rate schedule. If you used more energy than your system produced, charges will be due. If you experience a situation where your consumption was less than what your system produced, you will receive a credit. View a Sample “True Up Bill.” Sunpower Incorporated has a dedicated team ready to help you understand your True Up bill. You can contact them at 1-800-786-7693 (1-800-SUNPOWER), and request a tier 2 service call back.

  • Q:How do I receive the tax incentive when filing taxes?

    A:You will need your SunPower contract as well as a completed form 5696 from the IRS.

  • Q:When will I receive a receipt of my promotional items?

    A:Any promotional items included in your sale will be delivered by your sales representatives 30 to 45 business days after your system has been turned on.

  • Q:I referred a friend, and their solar is installed. When will I be getting my referral check?

    A:Referral payments are usually processed 30 to 45 business days after the referred customer's system has been turned on.

  • Q:My panels look dirty, and I have noticed a drop in production. Should I clean the panels?

    A:Your solar panels do not generally require cleaning to meet your system’s annual energy expectations. When your SunPower Partner designed your system, they took into account the typical soil accumulation for your area. If excessive soiling occurs, or if you would like to try improving annual system output beyond what is typically expected, you can clean your panels by spraying them from the ground with a standard garden hose. Only spray the panels early in the morning or late in the evening when the sun is very low on the horizon or not directly visible at all. Avoid spraying the panels when the sun is at its peak and allow the panels to cool before spraying them. Spraying cold water on a hot panel could result in panel damage, voiding the product warranty and violating the terms of your lease agreement. To maximize the energy improvement from cleaning, try performing it during the summer months and in between natural rainfall cycles. Do not use abrasive cleaners or anything that could scratch the surface of the panels. It’s not necessary to go onto your roof for panel cleaning or inspection, and we strongly recommend you not do so.

  • Q:What are some system maintenance tips and tricks?

    A:Below are some basic tips that will optimize the kilowatt output of your system for years to come. To a large degree the solar system requires very little maintenance or attention. With that said, by following the guidelines below you'll know how your system is running and by keeping the panels clean(and minimizing any shade) enjoy the most output possible. We recommend a few things to check. First, check your monitoring at least once a week and give us a call if it notifies you of any issues. Second, keep a close eye on the monthly utility statements. Each month you will receive an energy statement from PG&E that shows you how much money is due. The total cost that you must pay for that month is only the minimum delivery charges. Other charges in your bill such as charges for your electricity use and net energy metering (NEM) balance will be accounted for in your annual True-Up Energy statement. This report shows you your year-to-date charges and credits for NEM, and will have you pay a balance if you used more electricity than you produced for that year.  Another recommendation is to keep your panels clean, which is quite easy in most cases. It is recommended to clean the panels twice a year, depending on your location. In rural areas, or homes near construction, we advise anywhere from monthly to quarterly. We offer panel cleaning and bird guard installation. Click here for details!

What Our Customers have to Say

  • Dave and Carolyn R.

    Chris went above and beyond to do even the smallest thing to make the job perfect for us.

  • David K.

    Waited a year to state my opinion!

  • Marcus Z.

    We installed a SunPower solar system from QHS and we’re very pleased!

  • Barbara P.

    Great company to work with!

  • Ron D.

    Customer service from Sun Power has been superior .

  • Kathy

    Their customer service is what all customer service companies could learn from.

  • Michelle A.

    From second one, SunPower by Quality Home Services has been amazing!

  • Joe W.

    I am VERY pleased with my solar system they installed, and will highly recommend using this company for your home solar needs.

  • Danielle B.

    My Husband and I were so happy we went with Quality Homes for our solar system.

  • Matt M.

    Your whole guys crew was very respectful , treated the property nice and even were nice to our dogs!

  • Adrianna M.

    They worked diligently and even doubled up their crews to beat the weather.

  • Brian H.

    I was so pleased that I've referred multiple friends his way; I know he will be able to answer the questions and help them find ...

  • Kathleen D.

    You will not be disappointed.

  • Claudia C.

    We couldn't be more pleased.

  • Paula L.

    I really appreciate the low payment and that it will stay the same for 20 years.

  • Ronaldo

    I am pleased with the level of customer service exhibited by the salesman, installers and office staff.

  • Michelle

    We could not be happier with our decision to go with SunPower by QHS... Thank You SunPower!

  • Craig

    I’m very pleased with the level of customer service... I even recommended them to my mom, who chose them for her solar system.

  • Paul & Patsy

    SunPower by QHS was fantastic to work with–they bent over backwards to make sure that everything worked correctly

  • Jackie

    The solar consultant who visited me was professional and did not pressure me... I’m happy with the entire process, and plan to ...

  • Mark

    SunPower by QHS did a great job of listening to my wants and needs and designed the system I wanted and worked with me to make it ...

  • Tom

    Everything about SunPower by QHS was First Class... This company deserves Five Gold Stars!!!

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