Energy Independence As Seen on Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid

Energy Independence

As Seen on Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid

As seen on Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid.

We recently had the pleasure of working with Viewpoint Dennis Quaid to produce an educational segment about the benefits of having solar in your home.

Viewpoint Project with Dennis Quaid specializes in short-form Public Television stories. Each story highlights specific industries and topics around the world. The show highlights industry professionals and groundbreaking organizations as featured content providers.

The goal of the Viewpoint Project is to enlighten the audience by delivering diverse informational and educational documentaries by covering a variety of issues and topics.

The team at Viewpoint was looking for organizations that held the fundamental belief that solar can help change the world, so that they could create unique and engaging content about how these systems work. They had sought us out because of our recognition in the central valley and impact we have had in the solar industry.

We worked on an educational segment that communicates those values and the possibilities that are out there for interested consumers. These help reinforce the values of each organization and provides viewers critical information about the future of solar.

The environmental effects of global warming and climate change are at the forefront of peoples’ minds, and most are concerned and focused on making positive changes for their families and the planet. At SunPower® by Quality Home Services (QHS), we are passionate about changing how our world is powered, one household at a time.

Our goal is to help the public understand the alternative options available so they can:

  • Offset their carbon footprint
  • Offset the high and ever-increasing cost of traditional energy sources
  • Eliminate the need to rely entirely on the existing infrastructure and the fossil fuel that supplies energy to the grid

With an ever-increasing drive to provide quality products and services to our customers, we offer solar and backup battery storage options. We also offer generators to provide additional options for people who may need backup power for essential items and life-saving devices.

Renewable “Clean” Energy Is the Solution

QHS is passionate about helping people achieve clean energy goals. Educating the public about clean energy sources is embedded in our daily activities and we are committed to empowering and enabling people to make positive changes.

  • We teach people how alternative energy works.
  • We evaluate how they use energy.
  • We walk them through the options that fit their needs.

High and increasing utility rates, a failing and unreliable grid, risks of wildfire, and extreme temperatures drive consumers to look for a way to manage their energy and associated costs. Knowing available options for alternative energy helps homeowners and businesses become more energy independent—providing peace of mind—and takes away their reliance on the aging and costly electrical infrastructure.

What better way to generate your own electricity than from the reliability of the sun? Connect with SunPower® by Quality Home Services to get started.

Solar: Renewable Energy for Your Home or Business

One renewable energy that is being used is solar. Most people think that solar is complicated but, in reality, it is quite simple. Education is key for people to understand how solar is used to generate energy, how battery backup storage can provide just that, and how standalone generators can provide electricity on demand when the power goes out.

Solar, backup battery storage, and generators can be used on their own or combined to provide homes and businesses the opportunity to operate more independently, stopping the reliance on utilities for their energy supply. So, the key is not just education on how renewable or alternative energy is made and used, but how to leverage it to create a cleaner, more affordable, and more independent lifestyle for decades to come.

For Ultimate Energy Independence in Fresno & Bakersfield, Choose SunPower® by QHS

Consumers have a choice for how they use and manage power. They should have access to alternative sources of energy other than strictly being in a power purchase agreement with their local utility provider where they are forced to pay the provider’s rates. Homeowners have more cost-effective, reliable power sources available.

At SunPower® by Quality Home Services, we educate people on how to understand their connection to the electrical grid and that even if power is sourced to and from the grid, they can better manage their relationship with the power company by utilizing solar, backup battery storage, and generators to maintain a solid, uninterrupted, stable source of power.

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