Backup Power

Selecting the best backup power option for your home involves understanding the benefits of both generators and solar + battery systems. Here's a simplified guide from Quality Home Services that helps you quickly navigate through your choices and determine which solution fits your needs.

Generators: The Immediate


  • Quick Overview: Generators offer reliable and instantaneous power, making them perfect for sudden outages. They're particularly valuable in areas where outages are frequent and unpredictable.
  • What They Do: Deliver instant backup power to your entire home when an outage occurs.
  • Best For: Households in regions with frequent, prolonged power disruptions.
  • Pros:
    • Instant Power: Activates automatically during an outage.
    • Powers everything in your home, from appliances to air conditioning and heating systems.
    • Operates independently of weather conditions.
    • Fuel Options: Runs on natural gas, propane, or diesel.

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Solar + Battery Systems: The Energy


  • Quick Overview: Solar + battery systems excel in providing energy savings and increasing home value through smart energy usage, while also ensuring power availability during outages.
  • What They Do: Harvest solar energy for immediate use and store excess in batteries for use during power outages or peak tariff times.
  • Best For: Homeowners looking to manage energy costs effectively, especially in areas with high utility rates.
  • Pros:
    • Energy Savings: Reduces electricity bills by utilizing solar energy.
    • Increased Home Value: Enhances property appeal with eco-friendly technology.
    • Battery Storage: Manages energy use by storing excess solar power for later use.

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Practical Scenarios


  • Unexpected Weather Events: Imagine you live in an area where storms frequently cause power outages that can last several days. A generator can power your entire home immediately, keeping critical systems like heating and cooling operational and ensuring your family remains comfortable throughout the outage.
  • Water Wells in Rural Areas: For homes or farms dependent on electric water pumps, a generator is essential during an outage. It ensures that water supply remains uninterrupted, vital for daily operations and livestock care.

Solar + Battery Systems

  • High Electricity Costs: If you're in a region with high electricity rates, integrating a solar + battery system can cut your monthly bills. During peak hours when electricity prices are highest, the system switches to battery power, thereby saving money. This trend underscores the potential cost savings of solar + battery systems in managing long-term energy expenses.
  • Daily Energy Usage: Consider a family that works from home; using solar power during the day reduces grid dependency and maximizes the use of generated solar energy, storing any excess for evening use or during blackouts.

Making the Right Choice

Consider Your Needs:

Reliability vs. Savings: If immediate and robust power is crucial, particularly during unpredictable outages, a generator is ideal. If your focus is on managing and reducing long-term energy costs, a solar + battery system will be more beneficial.

Consider Your Environment:

Geography: Generators are excellent in less sunny areas or where solar panels might not be as effective. In contrast, solar systems are ideal in regions with abundant sunlight.

Energy Pricing: Homeowners in areas with volatile or high energy prices will find solar systems particularly advantageous for cost control.

Quality Home Services is here to guide you through choosing the most suitable backup power system for your home, considering both your immediate needs and long-term savings. Contact us today to explore our cutting-edge solutions and secure your energy independence.

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