Americans Still Support Solar

According to Gallup, two in three Americans want the U.S. to increase its production of domestic energy by using solar power, wind, and natural gas. Less than a third of respondents to the survey believe the U.S. should increase their coal production, and another 46 thought the U.S. should focus on expanding oil production.

The survey found that these responses varied by both political affiliation and geographic location. Americans who were registered as either Democrats or Independents believed solar power was the U.S.’s answer to renewable energy, while fewer Republicans believed natural gas should be used. Additionally, many of those living in the South expressed support of traditional energy sources such as coal and oil than those living in other areas. This could be due to the oil boom in Texas and other southern states supplying jobs to many families.

Despite the mixed responses, the majority of Americans in every region, even the South, thought solar power was the top choice for the U.S. to increase economic growth. Generally, the majority of Americans wish to see more emphasis on wind and solar energy resources, but the technology and affordability have to improve before they can truly affect the global U.S. domestic energy production.

About 41% of Americans surveyed have seriously considered installing solar panels in their home. Most Americans who express interest in solar renewable energy production do so because they feel it can help them save money on their energy bills and to help the environment.

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