What Does NSF International's Verification of a SunPower Factory Mean for Solar Customers?

From climate change to pollution, environmental issues have propelled themselves into the forefront of the worldwide conscience. Countries, even corporations, are proactively trying to resolve these problems by passing laws or taking necessary steps to make their workplace more environmentally-friendly. At SunPower®, we take substantial pride in being leaders in global technology and delivering sustainable energy solutions; not only with the products we provide for our customers, but also how we operate our company.

In August, our PV module production facility in Mexicali (Mexico) had earned Landfill-Free Verification from NSF Sustainability, a division of the global non-profit public health organization NSF International. SunPower® was awarded this verification by successfully demonstrating that no more than one percent of waste generated at our manufacturing site went to the landfill.

“Diverting waste from landfills is a significant environmental issue and achieving Landfill-Free Verification from NSF International is a huge accomplishment for a company in any industry,” stated Jenny Oorbeck (General Manager of NSF International’s Sustainability Division) in a MarketWatch press release. “We congratulate SunPower® for going above and beyond to ensure its Mexicali site is more sustainable in its operations.”

With our partnership with Northstar Recycling, we were able to implement solutions at the Mexicali facility by identifying zero-waste-to-landfill improvement opportunities. Together, we discovered new ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle, like developing a world-class composting system and a vertical outdoor garden hydrated with greywater from carport solar panel washing.

So if you’re looking for high quality solar panels by a recognized ecologically-sustainable company, look no further than SunPower®.